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Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stop by and visit with us.  Take a moment and browse.  Remember that we are constantly updating our site so be sure to bookmark our website for your future reference. 
Our latest and greatest addition to our website has been the announcement of our "online" store, and the recent upload of our BASIC PARTS CATALOG - our SUMMER 2017 edition.  It is located on our Products Catalog page, as indicated on our toolbar to the left.  It can be downloaded and printed for your convenience. 
We have uploaded our current newsletter which focuses on your Air Suspension.  We have provided a brief overview of the overall function and service details.  Additionally, we have made available our previous newsletters.  Each newsletter is available for download using Acrobat Reader.  If you have any suggestions for upcoming newsletters, please feel free to e-mail us. 
We have a large selection of parts available for your exterior lighting, steering, tubing, air conditioning, engine, miter box, brakes, pillar block, differential and transmission.  Ask about our special front shock adaptation which will make your Eagle ride smoother than ever.  Call today for information.
If you have a Webasto or AquaHot heater or are interested in learning more about the product, we are one of the oldest stocking distributors and warranty facilities in the USA. We are knowledgeable with the entire product line and offer free technical support world wide.
Make sure to check out the other pages on this site, and our new 'online" store. Additionally, our engine and generator pages contain items that most coach owners can use. 
We've added a page of interest in the 50DN alternator - the most popular coach alternator. Click on the link below and get the full explanation of this alternator and what to question when you have the opportunity to evaluate your rebuilt alternator purchase.

50DN Alternator Story

We have added to link to the annual D.O.T. service. We are quite certain that you will find it both enlightening and very helpful. Feel free to print it out for your future reference.

12,000 Mile/Annual Service Sheet

LOOK!! We have a new addition to our site that should prove to be very helpful to the do-it-yourself coach owner. Take a look at our frequently asked questions page.  On it, you will find general maintenance questions, with their respective answers. Feel free to ask one of your own.  We'll research it and share the question and answer with everyone.  Your question will undoubtedly help another owner.  Click on the link below to jump to our frequently asked questions page.

Link to Frequently Asked Questions Page


This is a brand new stocking item! Complete emergency hatch ready for installation. Feel free to call or e-mail any questions that you might have.


Look at one of our newest items for Eagle coaches! We are expanding our Eagle product line and have added side marker lamp assemblies and their lenses.  The assembly comes with a lens.  The lenses are also available separately.  They are in stock and available for immediate shipment.
Part #104-1008-506L  Amber Lens        
Part #104-1009-507L  Red Lens            
Part #10-1008-506  Lamp Assy.          


Take advantage of our latest internet special for Eagle customers only! Back-up lamp, tail lamp and turn signal lamp assemblies are now available.  We also stock the lens in either clear, red or amber.  Call today to get yours.
Part #05(4)-1009-501  Lamp Assy., Red               
Part #05(4)-1009-502  Lamp Assy., Amber
Part #05(4)-1009-503  Lamp Assy., Clear
Part #104-1009-506   Lamp Assy., Amber
Part #05(4)-1009-001  Lens, Red
Part #05(4)-1009-002  Lens, Amber
Part #05(4)-1009-003  Lens, Clear

Look! Another new item! We are now supplying rebuilt 15" and 17" complete clutch assemblies.  All components used in the rebuild are U.S. made.  Cores must be rebuildable.  Call for pricing.


How loud is your exhaust? Has your muffler deteriorated and needs to be replaced? We are now stocking original equipment mufflers with 3" inlet and outlet.  In addition, we have the necessary exhaust clamps and hangers.  Call today to get yours.

New and rebuilt air brake components! Our newest  air brake item is a DV-2 Bendix automatic drain valve.  Rebuilt items are remanufactured to original manufacturer's specifications. 
Part #05-1224-502  Automatic drain valve                   

BELTS! As small as many of them are, your coach won't run without them.  We have a wide selection of belts and belt sets for your 6V, 8V and Series 60 coach.  Looking for that serpentine belt? Yes, we have that one too! Take a moment and check your belts.  Make sure that is not what puts you out of service on a hot summer day.


We have these chrome door latches  for your engine door, front electrical panel door, and battery door.  Available in our online store for immediate purchase.
Part #01-1840-503  Door Latch  


Introducing a brand new item........We now have a replacement for the brake camshaft bracket and seal assembly needed on the 05 Eagle.  The parts are available separately - the bracket or bushing - or as a complete assembly.  While this part is no longer available from Rockwell, that will not prevent you from repairing your coach.
Part #01-0202-072  Camshaft bracket (2 per side)  
Part #01-0202-067  Bushing (1 per side)                    
Part #01-0202-509  Camshaft bracket assy.          


Fine tune your coach A/C using the original Honeywell gradustat. Units are preset and ready for immediate installation. Of course we have remanufacxtured units at a big savings and carry the same BSI guarantee.
Part #05-1265-502  Honeywell gradustat 
Part #05-1265-502R Remanufactured gradustat 


When your flasher unit fails, be sure to replace it with a quality heavy duty unit like our Swiss Control Flasher that has a 8 lamp maximum capacity. So assure yourself that your lights will be working properly.
Part #3230  Heavy Duty Electronic Flasher  12v. 8 lamp max.


Engine and baggage bay door shocks!  These shocks are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.  In addition, they are available for purchase online. 
Part #05-1832-501  Door shock  


SPECIAL PRICE !!!  We are selling our Power Steering Filters at a special price.
Part # 10-0424-405  Power Steering Filter

BAGGAGE BAY HINGE RUBBER!!!! Check this out.....Baggage Bay Hinge Rubber - Order as few or as many feet as you need. 


BS2671-204  Baggage Bay Hinge Rubber    

Click here to order baggage bay hinge rubber by the foot


Baggage Bay Sealing Rubber - "P" style baggage bay sealing rubber available by the foot.  Specify the number of feet when ordering.  Internet special price.
Baggage Bay "P" Rubber  


U-joints - Both Large and Small - Complete u-joint assemblies in stock and available for immediate shipment.  These u-joints come with hardened bearing caps and grease fittings and are made of quality materials to guarantee long life and superior performance.
Part #05-0609-506  U-joint Assembly 1710 Series Driveline  
Part #10-0616-028  U-joint Assembly 1810 Series Driveline 


Make sure that your brakes won't fail you. We have automatic and manual slack adjusters.Both  Rockwell and Haldex for front, bogie and drive axles.
Part #10-0150-002   Front & Bogie Automatic Slack Adjuster w/ Yoke
Part #10-0150-004  Front & Bogie Automatic Slack Adjuster w/ Yoke


Exhaust Silent Block - Cushion Mount - Quiet your exhaust and stop the vibration.  Use this rubber cushion mount which has a 5/16" metal threaded stud.       
Part #10-0703-013  5/16" Silent Block 


Driver Defrost Motors - Brand New! Available in both clockwise and counter-clockwise.  When ordering, specify coach side to insure the correct motor.
Part #10-1300-506CW (CCW)  Driver Defrost Motor   $52.00


Complete Wheel Seal Assembly - The pictured wheel seal for a Model 05 drive axle.  It is complete with housing and seal.  In stock and currently at an excellent price.
Part #01-0202-601  Seal Assembly   $20.52


Blower Cut-out Switch - This switch is important in the regulating the electrical draw on the alternator until it is at full charge.  It prevents the air conditioning blowers from coming on prematurely.  Stocked and ready for shipment; call today.
Part #01-1015-031  Blower Cut-out Switch


Eagle reflectors, lenses and miscellaneous parts are getting harder to find. Reflectors (red and amber), are in stock.  In addition, we have the newer style side clearance lamp assemblies.  Both red and amber clearance lamp assemblies and individual lenses for the assemblies are available.


Connecting rods........Original TRW connecting rods but updated with adjustable tie rod to save lots of labor in aligning the suspension. Have you been looking for replacement connecting rods for your front suspension? They are available for shipment today!!! 
Part #05-0421-501 Connecting Rod  

Complete line of air products...Low air pressure switches, brake chambers, brake valves, and custom made air lines with DOT certified fittings.  Stainless steel braided and the smallest to largest air conditioning and hydraulic hoses are made to order or we will supply components for field assembly.


Before you leave us today.... be sure and check out both our Detroit Diesel and Webasto pages. There you will find a complete description of the products and services we offer for these product categories.

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