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We stock all types of hoses for your coach.  Silicone, fuel, oil, air, suction, HVAC, Plastic and braided DOT air brake hoses and fittings.. 
Are you looking for telfon line steel braided hose for your air compressor discharge line? Yes, we stock that too! In addition, we have standard and constant torque hose clamps, re-usable and DOT plastic line  fittings, and hose line clamps. We also make hoses to order.  If you are looking for a special hose of a special length, call us today!

Silicone hoses and clamps from Bus Service...
The hoses that we stock are designed for the heavy demands of today's engines. We sell 2 & 4-ply silicone hoses which are designed for greater heat resistance and longer service life. These hoses resist cold weather leaks, cracking, solvents and oils. Temperature ranges are -65 degrees F to 350 degrees F. These hoses are available in sizes ranging from 5/8 to 4 inches. Hoses are normaly sold by the inch but are available up to three foot length 'sticks'. Part numbers and diameters are listed below.  
Part #NPN1961       5/8" Heaater hose size
Part #19-16-474      3/4" Heater hose size
Part #NPN1963       7/8"
Part #NPN1964       1"
Part #19-16-475       1 1/8"
Part #NPN1966       1 1/4"
Part #19-16-476       1 3/8"
Part #19-16-477       1 1/2"
Part #NPN1969       1 5/8"
Part #19-16-478       1 3/4"
Part #NPN1971       1 7/8"
Part #19-16-479       2"
Part #NPN1973       2 1/8"
Part #19-16-480       2 1/4"
Part #19-16-483       2 3/8"
Part #19-16-481       2 1/2"
Part #NPN1977       2 5/8"
Part #19-16-482       2 3/4"
Part #NPN1979       3"
Part #70-400            4"

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