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Do you own a Flxible and don't know where to buy parts? Well, you've come to the right place! We have begun stocking Flxible parts including groups such as exhaust , exhaust blankets, mounts, lighting, switches, and throttle parts, just to name a few.
We have added a new section in our catalog specifically for Flxible coaches.  Our catalog - SUMMER 2017 - can be downloaded directed from our Product Catalog page. We are working on our latest catalog which will be introduced this spring.

We have uploaded our most recent newsletter which is regarding an overview of your suspension system.  You can find it on our newsletter page.
We have dramatically increased our stocking inventory of parts. We continue to increase that inventory.

If you have a Webasto or Aqua Hot heating product and are interested in learing more about them or have a problem nobody seems to have an answer for, you found the right place to go to. We are running a special on these DBW2010 24V heaters including tray and case for $2,500.00! This price is less than half of the retail price on these units.
We are one of the oldest stocking distributors and  premier repair and warranty facility in the USA. We are knowledgeable with the entire Webasto product line and offer free technical support world wide.


Emergency roof hatch.
Is your emergency hatch damaged and difficult to find parts for? We are now stocking complete emergency hatch units that are ready for immediate installation. Call today for pricing.

We are now stocking a full line of throttle parts.  Are you looking for a complete air throttle kit? Or just specific parts? Either way, we have what you are looking for. We can even supply the air line and fittings to complete your job in just one package. Some of the parts are listed below:
Part #97-2387-00001  Throttle Pedal
Part #97-3312-00151  Control Bracket
Part #97-1679-00001  Throttle Spring
Part #97-6164-00002  Throttle Return Spring
Part #97-3312-00152  Lever Assembly 


When your exhaust becomes loud and leaky, or you need something as simple as a new clamp, just give us a call.  We now have, in stock, pipes, brackets,  mufflers, clamps, weld-on flanges for, exhaust manifolds, heat blankets and much more. Call us with your model year and VIN so we can help serve you.


Blankets for your exhaust... Insulated and designed to fit your specific application. Buy them by the individual piece or the set.  Part numbers to be uploaded at a later date.  Call for additional information.
Part #97-6041-00022  Turbo-charger Wrap
Part #97-6860-00001  Insulation


Switches for all your electrical needs. Low pressure, fuel sending,  and Cummins engine switches are only a few of the line we have to offer for Flxible coaches. Look for future updates on this particular category for new items.
Part #70-1344-00022  Switch, Oil Pressure
Part #65-0871-00186  Solenoid, Door Closure
Part #97-2305-00001  Sending Unit, Oil
Part #70-2448-00002  Solenoid, Gen Monitor


Assorted mounts including engine, transmission and alternator stylesStarting from left to right on the photo below, the alternator mount is made of cast metal and is application specific.  The next two mounts are OEM.  Both mounts are rear engine mounts.
Part #0780-2537-001  Mount/Heat Shield
Part #97-6900-00001  Mount, Engine Rear - Side Mount
Part #0780-1593-002  Mount, Engine Rear


Air Conditioning & Heat
OEM copper tubing. Several pieces of this critical tubing for various applications on your coach. The numbers for the parts currently in stock are as follows:
Part #0780-1476-001  Top Booster Pump Flange
Part #0782-0102-001  Air Compressor Inlet
Part #0780-0802-001  Booster Pump Flange L-10
Part #0782-0245-001  Tube, Surge Tank to Thermostat Housing


Metal supports and brackets.  Assorted brackets and supports available for different locations on your coach.  Alternator supports, guards, exhaust supports to mention just of few of whats available. 

Before you leave us today..... be sure and check out our Detroit Diesel and Webasto pages. There you will find a complete description of the products and services that we offer for these product categories.

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