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Welcome to our RTS page!  Over the past several months, we have added many new and exciting items to our inventory specifically for your type of coach.  We currently have many, many more items for your vehicle than we can possibly list here.  We stock items for your air, air conditioning, engine, lighting and electrical systems, just to name a few areas. We have a significant number of body panels, ready to be put directly onto your coach!
Our BASIC PARTS CATALOG - SUMMER 2017 edition is located on our Products Catalog page and is available for download and printing from your home computer.  The Products Catalog page is located on the toolbar to the left. We are working on our newest catalog which will be introduced before next spring.
Our current newsletter is now available.  It is available at busfixx.blogspot.com. We are currently discussing air conditioning components and their function in making a good system. In addition, we have  our previous newsletters uploaded. 
We are constantly updating and increasing our feature items on our website.  Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly to see what we have added. Also check out our engine, generator, remanufactured components and Webasto pages.
We have many, many hard to find RTS parts in stock and ready for immediate shipment.  If you do not find what you are looking for here, please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail so that we may assist you further.  We look forward to doing business with you.
Remember to check out our home page to see our "specials". Since we change our special frequently, if you don't see something that benefits you now, check back with us. 

If you have a Webasto or Aqua Hot heating product and  are interested in learning more about them or have a nagging problem that no one seems to have an answer for, you have found the right placed to go to. We are running a special on these DBW2010 24V heaters including tray and case for $2,500.00! This price is less than half of the retail price on these units.
We are one of the oldest Webasto stocking distributors and premier warranty and repair facilities in the USA. We are knowledgeable with the entire Webasto product line and offer free technical support world-wide.

Have you ever wondered.....? If you have, we may have the answers to some of those nagging general maintenance questions.  We have added a "frequently asked questions" page to our site.  While we will continually add new questions, we are currently focused on general maintenance.  If you have a question that is not listed there, feel free to enter it and we will research it and post both the question and answer on our page.  If you have a question, many others may have the same one.  Take a minute, look at the questions and feel free to pose one of your own.

Link to Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the link below for an interesting walk through the history and making of the 50DN alternator - the alternator most often used on motorcoaches.  After reading the information provided the importance of using a qualified rebuilder will be more than obvious.  So, take a minute to take a look.

50DN Alternator Story

Take a look at the following below to see what you might be missing on your annual service. The service list contained in our link is the type used by major transportation companies throughout the nation.  It contains all items necessary to meet all D.O.T. requirements.  Feel free to print a copy for your future reference.

12,000 Mile/Annual Service Sheet

We have just received new stock items for RTS! Many of these items are hard-to-find body parts including driver panels, hinges, aluminum spacers etc. We will be showcasing them over the next several weeks! They will also be a new addition to our latest catalog which will be available online shortly. Check back for an update on these new items!


These polyurethane stablizer rod busings can withstand oil, fuel or heat and improve riding stability. These cost a little more than rubber, but once installed you can forget having to replace them again. Original Duro 50 are also available.


We are now stocking front and rear brake chamber assemblies for the 04 an 06 RTS coach.  Use the link below to go directly to our store.
Part #2025840  Front chamber (left in photo)
Part #2025829  Rear chamber (right in photo)

Click here to order chamber #2025840

Click here to order chamber #2025829


Emergency Hatch
We  stock complete emergency exit hatch units that are ready for immediate installation. Please give us the length and width of  your unit. Call today for pricing.


Electronic Shift Pad
Our newest item offers substantial savings to RTS coach owners who have a V731 electronic transmission.  Our featured product is the  O.E. shifter cover kit.  Compare our price to that of Detroit Diesel and save today!
Part #29511863 Kit  Detroit Price $215.00  Our price $150.00

Click here to order 29511863


WOW! Have you been looking for that lighting lens cover and have been unable to locate one? We have a substantial inventory of this lens and many others for both your dash and your coach body.  Check us out today!
Part #12004039  Lens Cover                  

Introducing......while this is not a new item for us, it is a new item for our web page.  If you are getting water up inside your dimmer switch, we have just what you need.  We stock the original cover that will protect your switch from the rain and grime .Yes, we have the dimmer switch's as well.
Call for prices.


New in box Is 65-80
New Picture Added!!
New  12/2010  VANNER, 65-80 Amp. This equalizer is capable of taking care of all of your needs. Call for your pricing on these brand new units.


Wheel and Hubs
New Item!!! Front Hub-Cap (Aluminum) with plug  
                  Part #15514846

Click here to order part #15514846


Beautify your coach while increasing your visibility. Brand new mirrors with 6" convex are now available. Part number is the same for both sides of the coach.
Part #2025447-B  Side Mirror 


Part #683557  - Power Steering Filter 

Click here to order #683557

Other power steering parts..... we stock complete rebuild units and all the component parts to replace rebuild or repair your Vickers power steering pump, TRW -TAS 50 thru 70, HFB, power steering boxes, tie rods, drag links, king pin sets, air bellows, levelers,  polyurethane and standard  suspension rubbers, etc....    
Part #2452110  Washer, Special Copper         
Part #2494298  Vane Kit                                   
Part #907415  Bearing                                      
Part #2494292 Shaft                                          


The better the air bag condition.....the better the ride!  We stock all the air bags for your RTS!  The bag pictured above is the rear bag.  We sell it as a complete unit including piston for quick and easy installation.  When ordering front bags, be sure to check whether you have solid or independent suspension. The bellow assemblies for each ARE different.
Part #G1050310  Bellow Assembly - Independent Suspension
Part #G1015009  Bellow Assembly - Solid Suspension
Part #G1019358  Bellow Assembly - Rear with Piston
Part #G1019449  Bellow Assembly - Rear

Click here to order air bags


Air Conditioning
This is a Honeywell gradustat which is no longer manufactured.  We are the only company that can offer a factory new unit (while supplies last) and or a factory quality rebuildt. But, not to worry. Our reman. units carry the same guarantee as the new ones.
Part #15580939       Honeywell gradustat (New)
Part #15580939RM  Remanufactured 


Radius Rod Bushings - Now available in rubber or polyurethane. 
Part #2044403   Standard Duty Radius Rod Bushing  
Part #G1094264  Heavy Duty Radius Rod Bushing  


If you're shopping for circuit breakers that are original RTS, we are the place to come to.  We have circuit breakers from 3 amp to 145 amp.  Call BUS SERVICE for your electrical needs.
Part #2065181  8 amp breaker  
Part #2065180  15 amp circuit breaker 
Part #2065178  35 amp circuit breaker 
Part #2065177  45 amp circuit breaker 


More electrical....We stock all the Bosch type relays, seen on the left, including diode suppressed from 15A to 75A. Multifunction relays, pictured on the right, are all available in either 12V or 24V.
Part #792803  Relay - Old Style 
Part #2080044  Relay - Bosch 


Air Conditioning
Good air circulation starts at the door! This housing is for the driver's air conditioning and defrost motor.  In addition, the blower wheel is also available, drive motor and motor parts  all control switchs. compressor parts for GB, Crog, TK and, Carrier Condensor and evaporator motors and parts, expansion valves, service valves, update TK clutch kits, clutch coils both 12 & 24 VDC. 
Part #2048991  Housing  


We stock upper amber and red round clearance lights, front and rear tail, stop and turn lamp assemblies, side markers, reflectors, sockets, 12-24 vdc bulbs, turn signal switch's, sealed beams. Weatherpak , Metripak, Deutsch connectors and accessories. Quality high temp. primary wire in 8 colors.  
Both lenses include mounting o-ring

Click here to order amber marker lens 799386

Click here to order red marker lens 2004543


LIGHTS, LIGHTS AND MORE LIGHTS!!! We stock all style of lights from markers to tail lights, side marker lights and "reflex" markers.   
Part #912599  Red Reflex  
Part #912591  Yellow Side Marker 


This particular hinge rubber works for both the baggage bay hinge and the fold down windows.  We sell this product, cut to length, by the foot. If you need 1 foot or 100 feet, we can accomodate your needs.


Click here to order baggage bay hinge rubber by the foot

Do you know someone who is need of the products or services that we have?  Feel free to give our company information using the link below.

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