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You may be asking "What is Webasto?"  Webasto is the most advanced temperature control heating system for coaches, trucks, boats and anything else that requires heating.  The purpose of supplemental heat is to eliminate the need to run your engine and/or generator on a continuous basis to maintain or generate heat.  That is where a Webasto unit comes in.  It provides engine preheat, supplemental interior heat, maintains optimal engine operating temperature and accelerates window defrosting and defogging.  In addition, major custom coach manufacturers are using these units in conjunction with the water supply to maintain instant hot water and creature comfort.
Some of a Webasto's features include: variable temperature  control, nozzle burner system which provides instant heat and low maintainence, a heavy-duty modular design which is based on market experience and customer requirements.  An electronic ignition systm ensures reliable starts and low power consumption.  Its compact size makes it the lightest and smallest heater in its class.  It is integrated into your fuel and electrical system so there is no need for supplemental fuel sources or batteries. 
With a many unit types available with varying BTU ratings, there is an ideal unit to fit your personal needs.  All new units come with a full factory  2 year warranty.
If you currently have a unit and need to service or have repairs, call for an appointment today.  Being the oldest sales and service facility, for Webasto Thermosystems, our years of experience are working for you.  In addition, we are the warranty facility for Aqua Hot (Vehicle Systems).  From minor adjustments to designing special units, we have the expertise to take care of all your Webasto needs. 
Since Webasto has allowed some Detroit Diesel dealers to service and distribute their products, we have been receiving some very distriburing stories all related to pricing and quality of service. Before allowing anybody to touch your Webasto, ask them a few simple questions. (1) Do they have all the parts in stock to fix your equipment on the spot? (2) Do they have a test  bench to calibrate and check the repairs (and to set the CO) that were performed? (3) Do they have the Webasto test box to check your unit, before beginning repairs? (4) Do they have the computer interface to test those units which is imperative to properly test and verify the performance of the unit? Remember, in today's world, you have to be proactive.
We are the oldest Webasto dealer and Service Center in the USA.

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For those who are mechanically inclined, you can download the parts and service manuals on your Thermosystem unit by accessing the following link:

Tech Webasto site


We are running a special on these DBW2010 24V heaters including tray and case. These are brand new units!!!  Call for details on these units and our 12V units that are also available. 
We have DBW2010 12V heaters ready for shipment.

We are now offering special pricing on Webasto Air Top 2000 units. This kit includes everything necessary for installation including instructions. Call for pricing and additional details.


Used in conjunction with your Webasto unit, this heat exchanger can be piped right in with a minimal amount of work. This particular unit puts out 13,000 BTU and has one 12 volt, single speed motor.

Part #R-3911H Heat exchanger 12V


The heat exchanger is original equipment Webasto unit. It has 1/2" piping with a 2 speed 12 vdc motor. It is bottom mount but can be retrofitted for side mount. It delivers 13,000 BTUs of heat.

Part #620100 Webasto heat exchanger

406287 Overheat Fuse

Webasto Maintenance Items - such as nozzles, grommets, c-clips, thermostats, and overheat fuses.  We stock the necessary items to properly maintain your Webasto unit and keep it running for years of continued service. 
See some of the items below for special pricing.  Call today!


Control Units -
This is the brain of the Webasto DBW series.  We stock control modules for DBW2010, DBW2020 and DBW300, THERMOS, and Air Tops.  When ordering, be sure to specify 12 or 24 volt.  In stock and ready for immediate shipment.
Part #287962   Control Module 12 Volt   
Part #30607C   Control Module 24 Volt   

Click here to order part #287962

Click here to order 30607C


Nozzles - Fuel flow is an essential part of an efficently running Webasto.  It is the part that we most frequently sell.  Specify the unit type.
Part #5088641A  0.35  DBW 2010  
Part #470716      0.65  DBW 230        
Part #470724      0.85  DBW 300        


Electrical items -
The following few electrical items are for DBW series and are the parts that are mostly needed for maintenance.
Part #406287    Overheat Fuse
Part #604902    Thermostat Control                     
Part #608719A  Thermostat - Auto Reset       
Part #388807     Ignition Coil  12V  
Part #388815     Ignition Coil  24V                           

Click here to order part #406287

Click here to order part #604902

Click here to order part #608719A

Click here to order part #388807

Click here to order part #388815

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