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Are you getting the type of annual service that you need?  Would your coach pass a DOT inspection if they decided to stop you on the side of the road? Take a look at a standard annual inspection that is generally accepted by major coach companies.  Do you deserve any less? You decide!

1. Check batteries for charge and fluid level. Put on charge as needed.
2.  Drain engine oil and take a sample if you have an established program.
3.  Replace engine oil filter being certain to prime filter.
4.  Replace primary and secondary fuel filters - prime before installation.
5.  Check driveshaft flanges for loose bolts or u-joints.
6.  Check for oil leaks from engine, transmission and differential.
7.  Adjust drive axle brake stroke to D.O.T. recommended values.
8.  Adjust tag axle brake stroke to recommended D.O.T. values.
9.  Check tag axle lubricant level and seals for leaks.
10. Check clutch adjustment and clutch brake, if used.
11. Check engine and transmission mounting.
12. Check muffler and manifold for leaks or cracks.
13. Drain air tanks and check for oil contamination.
14. Check lower water and oil hoses for wear and chaffing.
15. Check air cleaner with manometer - not to exceed 20".
16. Lubricate rear chassis parts/install grease caps on all fittings.
17. Lubricate drive shafts with EP grease.
18. Check all fluid levels and correct to vehicle specs.
19. Check condition of all belts, pulleys and related drive assemblies.
20. Install engine oil to correct DDA specs and fill to appropriate marked level.
21. Check or adjust coolant level to 50% glycol content and check nitrate levels.
22. Visually check engine area for any abnormalities.
23. Check all exterior lights and reflectors and repair defects as needed.
24. Check hazard/turn signal/backup and brake lights.
25. Check low air buzzer and light for proper operation.
26. Check horn and dash lights.
27. Check windshield wipers with water applied.
28. Visually inspect A/C compressor oil and gas levels and for leaks.
29. Check and note engine oil pressure at idle and high idle.
30. Lubricate front suspension/install grease caps.
31. Check oil level in front hubs.
32. Check steering gear mounting and for cracks.
33. Check suspension parts for looseness.
34. Check for hose chaffing and routing.
35. Check front axle seals for leaks.
36. Drain air tanks in front. Check for oil contamination.
37. Check front brake slack adjuster for proper stroke and adjust as required to measured length as recommended by D.O.T.
38. Check for air leaks, hose chaffing and lining wear on front shoes.
39. Check tire depth and note unusual tire wear.
40. Inspect battery cables condition, chaffing and terminals. Clean cable ends and posts and spray on terminal protectant. Clean batteries and surrounding compartment.
41. Load test batteries using 1/2 cold cranking capacity and note results per battery.
42. Check charging voltage under maximum load. 12 volt system to read 13.6 and 24 volt system to read 27.2.
43. Torque all wheels stud nuts.
44. Check main evaporator, condenser, and drivers A/C motor brushes where applicable.
All deficiencies should be repaired to manufacturer's specifications. Upon completion of this inspection and related repairs, the coach it pertains to meets DOT requirements in accordance with 49CFR 396.17 through 396.23. The above list should be used as a guideline for the annual inspection of your vehicle. Any and all related questions should be directed to a qualified mechanic.

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