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Thank you deciding to stop by and visit our site.  We hope that you find the information presented here to be helpful.

We are very excited to announce that we are now selling limited items on Amazon Marketplace. We were recruited by them to sell our extensive product line through them.  

We would like to remind you about our blog located at busfixx.blogspot.com. We choose a topic and explore how it works, what is required for proper maintenance and, in some cases, we examine common failures. The first in our series on cooling has been posted there. We will continue to explore other parts of the system along with its proper operation in subsequent blogs so be sure to check back after checking out our second blog.

We are continually adding many new items to our store and our catalog. The catalog is in PDF format for your convenience and can be saved directly to your computer.  

Our ultimate goal is to have all our inventory online so our valued customers can make a quicker informed purchase. There is no better way to make a prudent purchase when comparing quality and price.

Imported products are finding their way into our industry which is having a negative impact for a lot of our customers. We are constantly on our guard because more and more American vendors are going by the way of price over quality. Not all imported products are inferior however, a lot of them are and, at best, have a shorter service life. Other considerations are their ability to be serviced for repairs.

Be sure and check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Do you have a question that you think that others might also have? Send the question to us, through our guestbook.  We'll do the technical research and post your answer.  Help us to help you! We look forward to hearing from you.

Remember to check out the links on our website. There is a link to our 12,000 mile service page. It will give an overview of what you should expect when you get an annual service on your coach. We also have a link for the story of the 50DN Delco alternator, the alternator most often used on coaches.  Both links can be found on the individual pages for your specific bus type. Feel free to print either or both links for your future reference.

Our website is filled with a broad range of parts and services for all major bus types - Eagle, GMC, MCI, Neoplan, Prevost, Flexible and RTS. We stock parts covering all aspects including engine, generator, air conditioning, brake, and electrical parts. 

We are continually updating our pages in order to provide a broader spectrum of some of the items we sell.  We have over 33,500 actual different line items in stock, in our warehouses.  In addition, we have many, many  resources which assist us in making even more products available to you.  If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.  Let us help you find what you are looking for.

New! We do a lot of tech support from customers all over the world. With this experience, we became aware that there are a lot of misconceptions about certain products and their pricing.

If you would like to place an order check out our store for an easy and secure way to place your order . So, please call us toll-free or feel free to send us either a fax or an e-mail with your requirements.   

Hablamos Espanol.  We ship worldwide primarily using UPS, USPS and Federal Express, depending on client choice.

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