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We are glad you have stopped by to visit.  We have begun making regular changes and additions to our site.  Be sure and check back with us often.
Our customers are proud owners of some of the finest vehicles on the road.  If you are reading this page, you are most likely one of them.  The vehicle that we are referring to are the mature coaches which were manufactured by GM. We often hear from people that they are glad to have found us, mostly because of the technical expertise that we have to offer.  We have a service department complete with machine shop, specialized cleaning equipment and most special tools required for both mature and younger coaches.  While many parts are unavailable for the older coaches, many can be produced on an "as needed" basis. Check out our "ABOUT US" page to get a complete description of our shop and the services that we have to offer.  
Our latest addition to our website is the upload of our BASIC PARTS CATALOG - SUMMER 2015 edition.  It is our largest addition by far.  It is located on our Parts Catalog page, as indicated on the toolbar to the left.  There you can download it onto your computer and print it for your convenience. 
Take a moment to sign our guestbook. Our current newsletter - AIR SUSPENSION - is now available online as our previously published newsletters.  Our newsletter is a free service containing technical information for keeping your coach fine tuned.   We cover a variety of issues and how to easily resolve them.    
Be sure to check out some of our other pages including our engine and remanfactured components pages.  There you will find some of the most common necessary products to keep your bus and all its systems in their best condition.  All of our remanufactured items are brought back to original manufacturer specifications including all new current upgrades. This is how we can give you the best possible product.
If you are needing to do some body repairs, check out our new body parts and channels page.  There you will find a selection of parts which we have available in limited quantities. 

If you have a Webasto or Aqua Hot heating product and  are interested in learning more about them or have a nagging problem that no one seems to have an answer for, you have found the right placed to go to.
We are one of the oldest Webasto stocking distributors and premier warranty and repair facilities in the USA. We are knowledgeable with the entire Webasto product line and offer free technical support world-wide.

Are you looking for hard to find parts for your GM bus? Look no further! We have a huge inventory in our warehouse ready to ship. From fittings to filters, hoses to gauges, we have a long list of those difficult to locate parts that many consider obsolete.  From older "transit" and fishbowl coaches, to "new look", from 4104 to 4905, we have a tremendous number of parts that you just won't find anywhere else.  If we don't have it in stock we make every effort to find it or supply an appropriate interchange. The listing of parts below is but a scratch of the surface of what we can supply.  Give us a call and let us help you.   


Catalogs & CD's
Make your search for bus parts easier!! Some parts manuals and CD's are available for many of the GM coaches including 4104, 4106, 4107 and 4108/4905 and Scenicruiser coaches.  There are also some manuals available for older coaches but they are on a very limited basis.  Delivery time on this item varies but generally they are available within 4-5 days.  Call today to order yours!
We have added a new page that has been interesting to many. It is the full explanation of the 50DN alternator and the specialty items needed for a proper rebuild.  Click on our link below to read this important information.

50DN Alternator Story

CHECK OUT OUR LATEST LINK! We have added a link to a maintenance page which focuses on an annual coach service. We trust that you will find it both informative and helpful. Feel free to print it for your future reference.

12,000 Mile/Annual Service Sheet

Take a look at the newest page addition to our website! We've added a frequently asked questions page which contains helpful information for the coach owner who is a part time do-it-yourselfer.  Browse the questions and feel free to ask questions of your own.  We will be happy to research the answer and post it for everyone's benefit.  Join us by clicking on the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions Link


 Body Parts
Are you having trouble keeping your service doors (hatch) closed because of broken rubber hold-downs or stretched or ineffective holding brackets?  We have a complete assembly including both the rubber hold-down and the adhering bracket at an extremely reasonable price.  Order yours today!
Part #2438178  Hold-down assembly  


Rare item for 4106 owners......Lock assembly for your sliding sash frame.  This item will fit the RH front frame and the LH rear frame.  We are sourcing the opposite side at this time.  Priced for immediate sale.
Part #2412316  Lock assembly RH          
Part #2412317  Lock assembly LH         

We stock Bendix, Sloan and Haldex automatic drain valves for your air brake system.  They are available both new and remanufactured.  We stock a complete line of components to keep your air system in top operating condition.
Part #665643         Automatic drain valve 
Part #665643RM  Reman.              


Vanner 70/100 Amp Battery Equalizers! Each unit has been rebuilt. Bus Service has a limited supply. Since we have a limited inventory, call today while supplies last!
Part #70/100


Body Parts
Hard to find...Floor bolts for your GM coach are available in all quantities.  These are original GM bolts which are complete washer.  Discounts are available based on quantity.  Call today!! 
Part #2391826  Floor bolt with washer  (specify SAE or USS)  


Hard to find...The original OE GM speedometer. In stock and ready for you to install.
Part #6491726 - Speedometer Assembly, electric.   $125.00 each.
*** Internet Special ***  Please be sure to mention this special when ordering .
Newest and greatest direct replacement is our VDO electronic
speedometer with the industries only "push button" calibration
feature. The entire installation of this remarkable unit is just a little more than installing the original unit. Call our tech. support line for additional information.


We sell front and rear air bags for most GM coaches.  They are available both as just the bag or as a complete assembly which includes the bag, rings and bolts.  Call for pricing and availability.  Be sure to specify position on coach and your coach model when calling. Note, your bellow may be either a Firestone or Goodyear brand and should not be mixed unless it is a direct replacement. Call our tech. support staff for information.
When checking your bellows, check your leveling valves, height level,radius rod bushings, stablizer links and bushings and, your shock absorbers. All these conponents work in harmony with your bellows and suspension and yes, we stock all these parts.


 SPECIAL !!!!!  SPECIAL !!!! SPECIAL !!!!              
Power Steering Filters at a very special price. Place your order today or keep a spare..
Part # 683557 - Power Steering suction Filter -  Price $3.70
Part # 6438813 - Power Steering suction Filter - Price $3.70
You also have a high pressure filter that gets neglected and is serviced for only the cost of a quad ring. Call our tech. support.
Having power steering problems? We are the only company that offers a new or remanufactured power steering pump specific to your coach. Installing the wrong pump can  cause many major maintenance problems and poor handling charactericts. Call our tech. support


Hard to find...Original metal GMC defrost and air conditioning control switch knobs. Limited availability. 
Part #2428598  Knob - A\C Control    
Part #2428599 Knob - Defrost Switch  


Lens Assemblies - From clearance lights to marker lights, lenses and complete units, we have a substantial inventory for a wide variety of GMC coaches.  Call today for price and availability.
Part #654153  Amber Lens   
Part #654152  Red Lens      (Limited availability)

4106 OWNERS!!! Have you been searching for the lenses for your rear marker lights? If so, look no further! We have, in stock, original GM lenses ready for immediate shipment.
Part #2406123  Lens - rear marker                  


Pedal Tread - Do you have little to no tread left on your accelerator pedal? Spruce things up.  Your old tread slides off and the new one slides on.  Call today!
Part #663364  Pedal Tread   


Did you ever go for your brakes and only to find out they're not working properly? Well we have original GM brake chambers and or diaghragms that are ready for installation. Specific for GM transit coaches.
Part #2428704 - Rear Brake Chamber, original.
When repairing a leaking air brake system, be sure to check your hoses, relay valves, inversion valve and other related conponents. Yes, we have all the parts for replaceing or repairing  anything in your air system.


Hose Assembly - Air cleaner to blower manifold air inlet, specifically for transit\suburban models 45's-53's.
Part #2019175  Hose Assembly  $14.36 each


Gradustat, A/C controller.
Fine tune your coach A/C using the original Honeywell gradustat. Units are factory preset and ready for immediate installation.
Part #2486329  Honeywell gradustat 
Part #2486329R  Remanufactured gradustat We are the only factory trained facility that stocks all the parts neccessay to properly rebuild and calibrate these units per factory specs. A few others try yet, are just not quite successful! 
This pneumaticly controlled unit is very dependable yet needs to have its other support components working correctly. A coach maintenance manual in CD format is a must for calibrating this unit properly and is available for $45.00 as well as the parts CD.


Yokes and u-joints!  We have transmission output and input yokes. Additionally, we have them for differential, steering yokes, miter joints, etc.   
Part #2141040  Yoke            
Part #2037883  U-joint        


Pressure switches - while the switch pictured above is a transmission oil pressure switch, we have many other essential OEM pressure switchs in stock.  Specify vehicle model and switch application.  
Part #674422  Transmission Oil Pressure Switch    

Order #90054007 Universal Leveling valve

Suspension parts.....
Air bellows, complete air bag assemblies including rings and bolts. Leveling valves, shocks, steering gears, hydraulic steer cylinders, suspension air filters, tie rod ends, drag links, king pins, pressure regulators, etc.......  Specify vehicle year and model. In some cases we may need serial number or unit type.
We have both American made and import leveling valves available.  When ordering please let us know which you would prefer.  


M P circulating pump motors are available new or exchange!   winter has not yet arrived but now is a good time to check and repair/replace problem circulating pumps and water modulating valves.  (See our Eagle section for a picture of the water valve.) Pumps are available in  12 or 24 volt.  In addition, two different types of flanges are available as is the installation mount gasket. Outlet and inlet flange fittings also available. Individual parts are offered for those who wish to rebuild the unit themselves.
Order #2412000RM  Circulating Pump Motor, remaned, exchanged.
Order #2412000       New 

Wait until you see what we have for your coach!!!  Have you been trying to eliminate that road noise and moisture from the entrance door? We stock all the necessary door seals to solve either of those problems.
Part #2447031  Destination Sign Channel 
Part #2300779  Header Door Seal   
Part #2335149  Lower Door Seal  
Part #2311603  Rear Door Seal  
Call and order today!!

Get your baggage bay door hinge rubber today! If you have been wanting to replace your hinge rubber but have been unable to locate the original or have found the replacement type to be less than adequate, we have the original hinge rubber in stock.  It is available in standard 84" lengths or cut to your specific needs.
Order #2467448  Hinge rubber  

Click here to order baggage bay hinge rubber by the foot

Part #682692 Engine mount

As seen above, engine mounts are available in both rubber and polyurethane.  While the primary difference is composition, there is a significant difference in durability and price.  Admittedly, the polyurethane mount is more expensive, however, the amount of time between replacement is much longer than with the rubber mountd and is virtually indestructable.  
Part #682692         Rubber engine mount           
Part #682692CG   Polyurethane mount           

Before you leave us today.... be sure and visit our Detroit Diesel and Webasto pages. There you will find a description of the products and services which we offer in these categories.

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